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Military Topographic Maps


For the Ministry of Defense of Republic of Croatia Geofoto produces Military Topographic Maps in two different scales,  1:50 000 (VTK50) and 1:250 000 (JOG-G). In total 175 VTK50 map sheets and 14 JOG-G map sheets cover the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

In accordance with the NATO Standardization Agreement STANAG 2211 and the decision of the Government of Republic of Croatia, the Military Topographic Maps are produced in universal transverse Mercator map projection (Universal Transverse Mercator - UTM) on the Ellipsoid WGS84.


Military Topographic Maps in scale 1:50.000 (VTK50) are the basic topographic maps used by ground and air forces for the ground planning operations support, strategy operations, terrain analyzing and target gathering.


The Joint Operations Graphic – the Ground version (JOG-G) is intended for the ground forces which participate in air and ground joint operations and are primarily used for tactical and logistical planning as well for tracing and rescuing.

Cartographic data bases

Production process is established in a manner that enables creation of Military Topographic Maps directly from cartographic databases. The basis for the production of cartographic databases are the NATO Standardization Agreements and the requirements of the Ministry of Defense of Republic of Croatia. Established cartographic databases meet the philosophy of Geoinformation Systems (GIS) while simultaneously enabling production of thematic or any other types of maps.

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