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Geofoto d.o.o.

• Buzinski prilaz 28, 10010 Zagreb
• Pho. +385 1 66 80 111
• Fax. +385 1 66 80 112
• E-mail:

About us

Geofoto is a Croatian company which offers photogrammetric, geoinformation, cartographic and cadastral services. The company began to operate in 1993 in Zagreb. The main products of Geofoto are aerial survey, digital photogrammetry, cadastral survey, production of topographic and cadastral databases, design and creation of geoinformation systems and solutions and digital cartography.

Geofoto's worldwide success is the result of many years of transparent relationship with the clients, a wide network of international partners, high technology and work of top experts. For the implemented quality control system Geofoto was awarded the certificate ISO 9001.

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